• Party Catering

    Party Catering

    Our unique and stylish party catering really is like nothing else you've seen!  Señor Paella prepares and cooks your gluten…

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  • Wedding Catering

    Wedding Catering

    Every Bride and Groom want their wedding day to be special and unique to them. The choice of wedding catering…

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  • Corporate Catering

    Corporate Catering

    Señor Paella catering is the perfect solution to your corporate catering needs (psst! - Also available for your private function held…

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  • School of Paella

    School of Paella

    Paella is traditionally a community activity.  Friends and family gather under the Spanish sky to ‘assist’ in the preparation of…

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  • Book Catering

    Book Catering

    Booking Señor Paella catering for your party, wedding or event is really easy! Our website is especially designed to

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  • Paella con Carnes

    Paella con Carnes

    For a hearty, meat extravaganza, choose our Meat Paella!  We source the highest quality produce from local butchers to create…

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  • Catering Queensland

    Catering Queensland

    For a quick journey through our world of paella (and the odd bit of tapas), have a look at our…

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  • Choosing Your Caterer

    Choosing Your Caterer

    Your choice of caterer is one of the most important decisions that will affect the success of your event. Of…

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  • Vegetarian Paella

    Vegetarian Paella

    Our delicious Vegetarian Paella is something of a cult dish!  We marinate artichokes in lime, add fresh celery, zucchini, sun…

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