Paella Traditions

Paella (pronounced "pa-e-ya" with the "e" as in "let") is part of Spanish culture and has been around for centuries. This wonderfully adaptable dish originates from the establishment of rice in Spain and a time when Valencian peasant workers cooked their rice in the open and added whatever ingredients were available.  Today, a good paella is considered something of an art form and its creation within the Spanish family will inevitably become a noisy occasion, with everybody ‘helping’ and offering advice!

Over the ceSaffron is added to paellanturies paella has spread from its origins in Valencia, not only across Spain but throughout France and much of the rest of Europe.  And, of course, since it began as a dish to which one could add whatever local ingredients were available, there are now innumerable varieties of paella and arguments abound as to the ‘correct’ recipe.

There are, however, some things on which all the experts agree, such as the particular type of rice, and you can be assured that your paella, whichever recipe you choose for your catering, will have all the essential ingredients of the original.

Our chefs have a great interest in the traditions of paella and will do all they can to ensure authenticity for your party, wedding or event catering. We go to great lengths to obtain genuine Calasparra rice, the best saffron and chorizo.  Our paella pans are specially imported from Spain for the thinness of their metal and their wide, flat bases.  Rest assured that our paella is no mere imitation.

Señor Paella uses only the finest traditional ingredients to bring you authentic paella every time!