School of Paella

Paella is traditionally a community activity.  Friends and family gather under the Spanish sky to ‘assist’ in the preparation of the paella, chopping ingredients, offering advice, arguing over tradition.

The meal itself is the culmination of a social event that centers around the paella pan and has been part of Spanish culture for centuries.  There are myths and legends around the story of paella, a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to do everything.  We’d like to share the fun and spectacle with you.  And we’d like you to share it with others.

Señor’s School of Paella offers a wonderful way for you to immerse yourself in Spanish Culture;  Package price - $695 inc GST

For groups of up to 12 foodies, we gather round the paella pan for an introduction that will take us through the history, traditions and culture of our favourite dish.  Chef will explain recipes and ingredients and introduce you to the correct equipment for cooking paella.

Your personal paella demonstration allows plenty of opportunity for questions and chef will probably loosen up and give away some secrets!

Of course, once we tuck into the paella itself, you’ll have lots more questions and a chance to discuss the whole process.  Just as the Spanish do, you’ll be able to argue a point or two and suggest favourite ingredients.  When the arguments are over, we'll serve a traditional Spanish dessert to sweeten things up!

As the school bell rings at the end of the session (about 2 hours), you’ll leave with the perfect paella recipe, a certificate of attendance and a full belly! It's a great alternative to catering for large groups.

Señor Paella’s Cooking Class takes place at your venue.  Señor Paella supplies all equipment and ingredients, including tableware,and a traditional Spanish Dessert.  Our paella lessons really are the perfect way to learn to cook paella!

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