Señor Paella

the great taste of Spain!

Imagine hosting a party where you feel like a guest.  You have your own personal chef.  All around you, friends and family are enthralled by the aromatic and visual spectacle of the food ...


Authentic Stylish and Unique

Whatever your function, you want every guest to be impressed and have the time of their life. Something they'll remember for ever. And we also know that you want to feel like a guest at your own party too. You want to feel relaxed, let your hair down and spend quality time with your friends and family because, after all, that's what parties are for. That's why you're having a party.

Book Señor Paella® catering for your event and all this is possible. You won't get a catering service.  You'll get an experience.  You'll get precious memories.
Contact us here to check availability and find out about our EASTER SPECIALS! - You could get a 10% discount AND free tableware!


something for everybody

Our chefs have a great interest in the traditions of paella and take great care to ensure the authenticity of ...


how it works

With prices from just $15.00 per head for paella and tableware, it couldn't be more simple! Señor Paella will arrive in good time to set up the huge Spanish paella pans ...


authentic Spanish paella

Paella ("pa-e-ya" with the "e" as in "let") is an important part of Spanish culture and has been around for centuries...

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a complete catering service in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast...