Sangria, of course, is the perfect accompaniment to your paella!

Whether you choose to serve a hearty, rich red sangria or a refreshing and spicy white (or may we suggest both) you can't beat this traditional Spanish punch as the perfect way to wash down our delicious paella.

You'll find hundreds of recipes if you enlist Google in your planning, with a variety of ingredients that might include vermouth, bourbon, brandy, port, Grand Marnier or any of a hundred other of your favourite tipples.

Our tip is to prepare your chosen combination at least 24 hours in advance and serve it deeply chilled.

Here's one of our favourite recipes for the red;

  • Gently crush a dozen slices of orange into a large receptacle you can refrigerate
  • Pour on a bottle of a good Spanish red, Tempranillo or similar
  • Splash in a couple of glasses of  Ponche Caballero or Grand Marnier if you can't get it
  • Add a couple of glasses of a Spanish Brandy, such as Carlos III Reserva
  • Add a spoon of organic sugar, a few cinnamon quills and half a lemon studded with cloves
  • Stash this safely in the fridge for at least 24 hours so that they can all get really friendly
  • If you can wait the full 24 hours, add a glass or two of ginger ale to taste (you could use soda water if you're averse to the ginger)
  • To finish, pour in half a bottle of well chilled rosé and add a handful of ice cubes and some raspberries
  • Transfer the sangria to your pre chilled jugs and serve into tall glasses


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