Add Entertainment to Your Catering!

If you really want to ensure that your guests take away some memories from your event, why not add entertainment to your catering booking?  We've picked the very best entertainers in the area and are happy to put you in touch so that you can enjoy all that they have to offer!

From Flamenco dancers and guitarists to the hilarious and slightly, how can we put this, 'odd' waiter, 'Manuel,' there's something for every event.  In fact, we think Manuel is the ultimate party accessory.  He's hugely talented and can act as your host, waiter, mc and entertainment all in one.  Highly recommended!

Get in touch.  We want your party to go off with a bang!

Señor Paella - We don't provide a catering service.  We create memories.

Entertainers not available in all areas.

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