Portfolio Category: Paella Recipes

Paella con Carnes

For a hearty, meat extravaganza, choose our Meat Paella!  We source the highest quality produce from local butchers to create this combination of chicken, Spanish Chorizo sausage and mini beef meatball paella. Watch as your guests gather round to see chef bringing all this together, mesmerised by the aroma and spectacle! Like all our paellas,…
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Vegetarian Paella

Our delicious Vegetarian Paella is something of a cult dish!  We marinate artichokes in lime, add fresh celery, zucchini, sun dried tomatoes and a few other secret ingredients to create a truly surprising meal that the most hardened anti-veggies just cannot resist! We can't count the number of times we've been told that this is…
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Paella de Mariscos

Our famous seafood paella is truly the King of Paellas! We use local seafood including calamari, whole prawns, prawn meat and juicy New Zealand green lip mussels. This paella has a chicken base and can also include chorizo.  Our chef's artistic flair never fails to draw gasps of amazement and the dish is often the…
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