Tapas Options

If you really want to make the most of the spectacle of Spanish cooking, why not book tapas as a delicious prelude to the main event?

Like the paella, charges are per head and you can choose from 'Party Tapas' at just $9.80 or 'Señor's Fiesta Tapas' at a remarkable $14.90!

The difference is in the spectacle;  Fiesta Tapas includes delicious hot dishes cooked on site in special 'Multi Gustos' pans which are imported from Spain.  Tapas makes an exciting, and tasty prelude to the paella itself. The pans are very unusual and we're pretty sure there are no others in Australia.

Make the most of your own personal chef with our Fiesta Tapas range. Hot dishes are cooked on site in front of your guests as a wonderful prelude to the main event!

At $9.80 per head, Señor's Party Tapas is the perfect way to spoil your guests as they arrive. Our range of freshly prepared cold dishes provide something for everyone, from our delicious savoury biscuits to our special recipe dips, cold meats, feta, crackers, cheese platter, olives, bread and more.

Alternatively, you can choose to add the spectacle of our unique, 'multi gustos' pans, specially imported from Spain so that we can sizzle up your fresh hot tapas on site, whilst guests look on, just like we do with the paella!  Dishes such as flash fried prawns, sautéed jamon with potato and meatballs fried with garlic and sweet smoked paprika bring an extra touch of European style to your catering.  At only $12.90 per head, Señor's Fiesta Tapas is an impressive way to add to the glamour of having your own personal chef.

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