Authentic Spanish Paella Pans

One of the things we’re asked most often, after ‘Wow, how big is that pan?’ is ‘Why doesn’t my paella turn out as good as this?’  Time and again we’re told stories of ‘paella’ eaten at markets, the homes of friends and even good restaurants that just doesn’t taste, or even look, like the real thing.

The key to paella is authenticity

Let’s start with the pan, or ‘paellera’.  It’s essential that the pan is of thin metal, wide, shallow and absolutely flat bottomed.  If you’ve been served paella from anything else, particularly a wok, it’s not paella.  Don’t be fooled.  Our pans are imported from the factory where they’re made, in Spain.  It’s the design of the pan that enables the maximum amount of rice to remain in contact with the base, producing the prized ‘socarrat’, and that’s why pans increase in diameter, rather than depth, to accommodate larger parties.

The huge paella, sometimes metres across, is an iconic part of food culture in Spain.  The visual and aromatic spectacle of the paella draws crowds and provides a focal point at parties and events;  a great way to break the ice.

You can experience the culture and spectacle of paella right here in Queensland

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