Paella Ingredients

At Señor Paella we passionately believe that good food is all about the excellence of the ingredients.  That's why we're very careful that everything that goes into our dishes is authentic and of the highest quality.

We only cook paella with genuine Calaspara rice and high grade saffron threads, which we infuse in stock for at least an hour before adding to the pan. Whoops, that might have been a secret!

Our seafood is always local and the meat comes from the very best butchers we can find.  We're happy to use Halal paella ingredients, if required, too.

We're very proud of our paella and our reputation.  You really won't find better!

'Bad Paella is a culinary epidemic, not only in America but all over the world,' says Coleman Andrews, author of 'Catalan Cuisine' and editor of 'Saveur' magazine. Butthose of us who are passionate about paella, are on a mission ...

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